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In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall


In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall

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I've never read the comics, and I'm really curious from what you reblogged and commented on, but what are the main differences of MCU!Bucky and 616!Bucky?


Okay I’m going to try not write you a really boring tl;dr essay haha

Disclaimer: I love both Buckys very much. I love teenage killer Bucky to absolute pieces. I wish the Buckys could hang out together.

The short answer is that they’re very different people. Here’s what they have in common:

  • the same name
  • dark hair
  • fought in the second world war
  • became a dude called winter soldier with a metal arm
  • close enduring love with steve
  • excellent marksmanship

616-verse comics!Bucky is not:

  • Steve’s childhood friend (that’s Bucky from the ultimate comics)
  • a howling commando (he and Steve are Invaders) 
  • enhanced with the super serum

their backstories are very different

  • comics!Bucky was an orphan at 12 with one sister/MCU! Bucky has living parents
  • He was a troubled kid who got into fights a lot, and ran his own little black market operation trading contraband at the Army base where he lived after his dad died.
  • He was a high school drop out/MCU Bucky is a good student
  • Since he was the best natural fighter the Army had, they trained him in special forces/black ops stuff at the age of 16 to be Captain America’s partner (who was 19-20), before Bucky knew Steve or what he was being trained for. The first time Steve ever sees him, he watches him take out some 3 or 4 guys much bigger than him in like 15 seconds. 
  • His job is pretty much to be a teenage assassin, to do stuff Captain America isn’t allowed to. I’m talking like crawling in the mud with a knife in his teeth and slitting throats or throwing knives or garroting people. Really dirty stuff. Not like just being a sniper/marksman, which is kind of a normal job in comparison. 
  • He was also used as a propaganda tool, to counter the Hitler Youth, so the whole boy sidekick thing, in-universe, is a cover story for propaganda purposes that also hides the stuff he really did.
  • They were on a team called the Invaders. He was the only member with no superpowers.
  • He was never captured and experimented on by HYDRA.
  • He and Steve’s relationship is more rooted in shared values and deep, deep respect (they’ve got each other on pretty high pedestals). It’s different, but every bit as beautiful and steve’s love for him, the heartbreak of losing him, and his admiration for bucky as a hero is a lot more explicit. I’d say comics!Stucky are something between “brothers” and soulmates (that does not mean they are less romantic) whereas MCU!Stucky are more explicitly each other’s other half.  
  • Bucky’s the one who “dies” trying to stop a plane with a bomb on it (that’s how he lost his arm, in the explosion) while steve screams for him. What I mean is, they fall into the ice together.
  • He was never a HYDRA operative
  • His memories were restored all at once by Steve with the tesseract. 

their personalities are totally different

  • comics Bucky is closer to MCU Steve than he is MCU Bucky IMO
  • he’s impulsive, got in fights as a kid, and often recklessly acts without much regard for his own safety. He would drive MCU Bucky nuts, who is practical and sensible and the responsible adult between him and steve :D 
  • he’s more outwardly patriotic and courageous (ie reckless) 
  • he was very eager to go to war. Steve was the one to tell him war was serious business, rather than the other way around.
  • he had other friends, a girl he wanted to marry, etc
  • he’s a difficult pain in the ass who won’t behave, and his motto for dealing with emotions is “deny fear, deny pain, deny everything.”
  • he would have driven MCU Bucky nuts. Like skinny!Steve with no ailments and super black ops skills x 10
  • during he war he sometimes fought alongside Nick Fury and Wolverine (who were howling commandos). Then as WS he killed Wolverine’s wife, but they’re kinda friends. Sorta. Except when they aren’t. 
  • he would have driven MCU Bucky nuts. 

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